Team Zebra

We are always looking for more zebras and flamingos. If you want to join them, send us a note!

When you see roller derby for the first time, you will definitely acknowledge that it is quite a complex sport. A lot is going on at all times on the track, therefore we need a bunch of referees to keep the order in the chaos.
Seven referees to be exact!

Jammer Referees: two of them. They each keep an eye on one jammer to see how many points the jammer scored and if there is a penalty made by or on the jammer.
Outside Pack Refs: they skate around the track on the outside to see if any penalties are made, Inside Pack Refs do this from the inside of the track.
All of them wear a black and white striped shirt, that’s why we call them the zebras.

At a derby game, you will also notice some other officials without skates around the track. These are our NSO’s or Non Skating Officials, they are equally important in making sure the game runs smoothly. Their tasks are various: scorekeeping, jam timing, penalty timing, line-up tracking, …
In official WFTDA games, the NSO’s will wear a pink shirt, so they are called the flamingos.
Anyone can be an official in roller derby (skating or non skating), but it requires as much dedication and passion as it does for the skaters. It is very important to master the rules and to practice. But being part of the officials community (and bigger, the derby world) is extremely fun and fulfilling.

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