#600 Dire Wolff

1. When and how did you get started in derby?
I just rolled into it. Got it? Wink, wink.

2. What’s been your favourite derby moment?
The end of Hell!

3.  Who are your derby heroes?
Conan the Vegetarian and Kamikaze Kitten (ever since she blogged on good refs being crucial to a good team!).

4. How did you pick your derby name?
Derby name? I could have picked a cool derby name? Dire Wolff is just what I am.

5. What’s your worst injury?
My lost pride, being beaten on the track by a bunch of girls.

6. What advice would you give to someone who would like to play derby?
Learn the rules! Chances are you will be the only one on the track actually knowing how to play this game.

7. If I wasn’t playing derby, I’d be…
home a lot more.

8. One word to describe GO-GO Gent
Can’t answer that. I’m a Switzerland on this one!


He joined Go-Go Gent as referee in may 2011, sick of being a Derby Widow. He was already getting rules-savy by working two bouts as NSO (penalty tracker). And because of an acute case of Anorakism, he just couldn’t stop reading after As for on-skates officiating, he is proud to have inside-pack-reffed the first official bout of the Netherlands (they came from the North) but wants to get a lot more experienced so he can do more than just define the pack. So two gigs as Outside Pack Ref were on the menu: Ruhrpot Rollergirls vs. One Love Roller Dolls (away) and Ruhrpot Rollergirls vs. Go-Go Gent (home). As a true blue gearhead his skates are Riedell 595 Red Lines on Revenge plates and aluminum cored Radar wheels, but don’t be surprised to spot him on other skates as he’s an addict now. One reason for the high end skates is a past in inline skating, both vert and street, so he’s used to abusive skating. Abusive both on him as well as the skates for that matter.