Star Track – Roller Derby Tournament

Some of the old SKOD elements combined with a lot of new sparkles! ✨✨

Star Track is a 2-day roller derby tournament organised by GO-GO Gent Roller Derby.
This first 2018 edition will have exciting WFTDA games as well as Roller Derby Belgium ( games, a groovy roller disco, a legendary after party with a delicious BBQ!
No entrance fee asked and taking place on 12/13 May 2018 in Gent, this is a must-attend event!

Have you ever seen roller derby game? This is the moment! This contact sport on rollerskates doesn’t only give adrenaline to the players, the audience’s heart will beat faster too! 💥 Curious yet?

💫 Schedule: 💫
🚀 Saturday:
10.00 : Who Dares WindsorNamur Roller Girls A (WFTDA game)
12.00 : Namur Roller Girls AGO-GO Gent Roller Derby (WFTDA + game)
14.00 : Who Dares WindsorThe Royal Army (WFTDA game)
16.00 : GO-GO Gent Roller Derby – The Royal Army (WFTDA game)
18.00 : Men’s roller derby game
20.00 : Roller disco

🚀 Sunday:
10.00 : One Love Roller Dolls – Brussels Derby Pixies ( game)
12.00 : Pack of Destruction – Holy Wheels Bad Ass ( game)
14.00 : Namur Roller Girls A – The Royal Army (WFTDA game)
16.00 : GO-GO Gent Roller Derby – Who Dares Windsor (WFTDA game)
18.00 : BBQ + afterparty

💫 When: 12/13 May 2018
Where: Sporthal Driebeek, Driebeekstraat 22, 9050 Gentbrugge

As you can see this edition will have WFTDA sanctioned games as well as Roller Derby Belgium Championship ( games. One counts even for both!

Don’t like just sitting around and cheering? If you want to keep busy you’re helping hands will be more than welcome as a volunteer for our event! 🙌
Register by filling in this form if you’d like to help:

And after a weekend loud cheering and hard work a good meal is wel deserved, subscribe here for the BBQ: 🌭🍽

You can find Star Track on Facebook and on Instagram!