#4444 Fever

1. When and how did you get started in derby?
March 2010

2. What’s been your favourite derby moment?
Track Queens 2012!
SKOD2015 (the one we won)
And all the memorable (after)parties and trips. 🙂

3. Who are your derby heroes?

4. How did you pick your derby name?
It used to be ‘Veronica Fever’, which is a song by The Raveonettes. Now it’s just Fever, because that’s what everyone calls me.

5. What’s your worst injury?
Getting stitches in my chin. Twice!

6. What advice would you give to someone who would like to play derby?
Just do it 🙂

7. If I wasn’t playing derby, I’d be…
Trying rugby or baseball

8. One word to describe GO-GO Gent: