#420 Ellen

1. When and how did you get started in derby?
Lazy horse was already a teammember and a good friend of mine. She convinced me to come and try.  In September 2014 I got my first roller skates experience on an ‘open skate day’! I liked it a lot and joined the ‘freshmeat’ intake in october. I passed the test, whoopwhoop.. and so my derbyadventure started!!!

2. What’s been your favourite derby moment?
Skates of Glory in Antwerp!! My first games. We lost the tournament (the three games we played). BUT, in general I’m quite a winner, never realized losing three times in a row could nevertheless leave me with a feeling of victory. I heard they call it ‘derbyhigh’, loved it!!!

3. Who are your derby heroes?
Many of our A-team players. They are freaking good!

4. How did you pick your derby name?
Still looking for one, suggestions are welcome!

5. What’s your worst injury?
Didn’t get injured yet , lucky me!

6. What advice would you give to someone who would like to play derby?
Just come and join!

7. If I wasn’t playing derby, I’d be…
Wondering what to do with al my energy and my free time!

8. One word to describe GO-GO Gent: