#33 Ego Stripper

1. When and how did you get started in derby?
I started training with Rec Attack in June 2014 and became a member of GO-GO’s Fresh Meat in April 2015.

2. What’s been your favourite derby moment?
Road to Glory 2016, just before our last game of the day Elien, Soemeh and I had a little sing/rap and dance battle in the locker room. It was glorious! Just before I didn’t know where I would find the energy to give it all in that last game, but this worked perfectly.

3. Who are your derby heroes?
Our A-team players!

4. How did you pick your derby name?
It was at a farewell party of one of our Cubs. I was tooting my own horn and someone suggested I might start looking for a name in the lines of egotripper. Minutes after I stepped away for a second and when I came back Peter, one of the coaches, suggested Ego Stripper. And it was done!  I love the meaning you can read between the lines:  I’m so good (hopefully one day this will actually be true) I strip others of their ego.

5. What’s your worst injury?
This one still has to come (or not preferably)

6. What advice would you give to someone who would like to play derby?
Get used to wearing long sleeves to work. 

7. If I wasn’t playing derby, I’d be…
Still teaching dance classes

8. One word to describe GO-GO Gent: