#11 BratZilla

1. When and how did you get started in derby?
I joined in 2013. My sister AdrenAline was already a part of the team and she told me I should come and try it as well. I was fascinated from the first time and have never skipped a practice since. 😉

2. What’s been your favourite derby moment?
My first game in Madrid! Just everything about it was awesome: the trip, the game, the people and the most unforgettable afterparty ever!

3. Who are your derby heroes?
My teammates.

4. How did you pick your derby name?
It was a long long road for me, paved with the most unappropriate derby names (thanks to Mr. Grey and Pili Billie). BratZilla is also Mr. Greys idea, apparently I can sometimes act like a brat on the track, especially when given a penalty.

5. What’s your worst injury?
I never had any serious injuries, only bruises and scratches and that one very awkward time I had a spare tampon in my pocket and got a hit on it and then I had a muscle contusion. Couldn’t walk normally for 2 days!

6. What advice would you give to someone who would like to play derby?
Do it! It’s fun! And whatever body type or skating level you are, you will get there if you want it bad enough.

7. If I wasn’t playing derby, I’d be…
Still not having a butt.

8. One word to describe GO-GO Gent: