Fun Fridays

Every first friday of the month, we open our training session to everyone interested!
A great opportunity to get a taste of roller skating, roller derby and our beautiful league.

We will introduce you to the wonderful world of roller derby and teach you your first skating skills, such as falls, stops, jumps and twists.

Do you love roller skating? Do you feel like roller derby might be your thing? Or do you see yourself as a future ref, coach or line-up? Then this event is a great place to start!

Our Fun Fridays are a free event. So is the gear rental for pads, skates and helmets!
Excited? Email us at to participate!

Become a member

Do you want to join GO-GO Gent Roller Derby, to play roller derby? You can join our club at any time throughout the year!

Once you’ve made your decision, we’re ready to welcome you to our Fresh Meat classes. We’ll teach you all the basic skills you’ll need, such as stopping, falling (safely), footwork and your first hits. You’ll need no previous experience or skating skills to start.

What’s more: your first month of membership is free. And in case you need it, we can also provide gear for a while, to get you launched!

You have to be 18 or over to join.

Ready, set, GO-GO? Mail us today at



Recreational skating.

Do you want to prepare yourself or just learn how to skate? Gent also has a recreational club! Rec.Attack has practises every Sunday @ Sporthal Driebeek, Gentbrugge.

Everybody is welcome, no experience needed! You can find all information, the hours and renting material on their Facebook page.