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There is an amazing amount of officials needed, on and off the track, to keep control over only ten girls packed on a rather small area. The 7 (seven!) on-skates referees would be unable to perform their job if it were not for the tens of Non Skating Officials.
Honestly, they might even play a bigger role in the wellbeing of a bout, tallying the points, documenting the penalties, timing the fouls, communicating all of this in between all of them and the Zebra’s.

They are almost like a small army, mercenaries if you will, as these are volunteers, injured skaters and referees on a break … But the only loot they will ever get is much appreciation from the league and the skating officials for doing such an awesome job, almost behind the scenes. No points and no penalties would make a boring game and without the following positions the bout would just not be worth playing.

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Here a short list of non-skating officials (NSO’s) required:

Jam Timer

There is only 1 Jam Timer responsible for starting the jams and timing the 30 seconds in between jams. The Jam Timer is also responsible for ending the jams that run the full 2 minutes.

Penalty Trackers and Wrangler

The Penalty Trackers are responsible for recording the penalties reported to the Wrangler by the referees. They also keep track of the official penalty tally.

Inside and Outside Whiteboards

They are essential in facilitating communication from within and outside the track between the Penalty Trackers and the Referees.

Penalty Box

At least two officials will oversee the penalty box. They will time the penalties and assist the referees in ensuring a team skates short when they ought to.

Scorekeepers and Scoreboard

The scoreboard operator posts the scores dispatched by the scorekeepers. Who in turn record the points reported by the Jammer Referees. The Scorekeepers also keep the official score.