Saturday 25th October 2014…
because we are throwing the best BIRTHDAY BASH ever!

GO-GO Gent blows out 5 candles this year and YES, we want to celebrate this with YOU!

Here’s what to expect, or miss…
but you’d be bonkers to miss this, so don’t say we didn’t warn you! :)

SCHEDULE of the evening

**19.30u: GO-GO vs MIXED TEAM BIG GAME**
GO-GO Gent wants to give the fans a special treat!
And thus, we play against a one-time-formed team of skaters from all over Europe!
So yes, you will see new and old faces on the track;-)

**21:30u: AUCTION**
5 years of fun, trainings, gear, bouts, friends and well… you collect some stuff over the years, SO we are auctioning some of our pretty cool, vintage & new GO-GO (collector) items! Get your hands on some of these items and start the biding!
Going once, going twice, SOLD !

We wont be having a 5 year celebration without one of our legendary afterparties… and this time we’ll be doing it on skates! Think glitter, funky music, Austin Powers,… and get ready for a ROLLER DISCO ! Start working on your moves and show us what you got!
If you don’t have skates of your own, no need to worry, we will also have limited skates available for rent!



Place to be:
Sint Jozef, Ebergiste De Deynestraat 1, 9000 Gent
(Close to Don Bosco Zwijnaarde and R4, 20min walk from Gent Sint-Pieters, public transport available)

Doors open at 19:30.
Entrance fee: 5 euro.

Get your ticket now:

*GIFTS for everyone who’s wearing his/her GO-GO outfit!*

As a skater, have you always wanted to take on the GO-GO’s (again) ? Here’s your chance!
On this special day we challenge a celebratory MIXED TEAM on track… and thus we give every skater a chance to be part of this unique team.
All you need to do is SUBSCRIBE here:
Registration open until end of September

We really hope to see you there!
As a fan, a skater, a support-crew, anything really ;-)



Open Skate Day

Benieuwd naar het spelen of reffen van Roller Derby of naar ‘gewoon’ rolschaatsen? Dan ben je heel erg welkom om op onze Open Skate Day eens te komen proeven van beide!

De Gent Go-Go Roller Girls en REC.ATTACK slaan de handen opnieuw in elkaar om je aan te steken met de rolschaatsmicrobe! Oud, jong, tussenin, man, vrouw, tussenin, groot, dun, lui, sportief… Skateniveau maakt evenmin uit:  IEDEREEN is welkom!

Wat heb je nodig? 

  • Rolschaatsen
  • Helm
  • Kniebescherming
  • Elleboogbescherming
  • Polsbescherming


We verhuren ook materiaal.  Heb je bovenstaande allemaal niet liggen thuis? Geen probleem! Breng mee wat je hebt, en de rest kan je bij ons huren voor amper 3€.  Gelieve bij je inschrijving te reserveren wat je nodig hebt (vergeet je schoenmaat niet te melden!).

Wat gaan we doen?
Het eerste uur leert REC.ATTACK iedereen de basis van het rolschaatsen aan. Refs krijgen een aparte introductie door de enige echte Dire Wolf.

Het tweede uur wijdt GO-GO Gent je in in de wondere wereld van Roller Derby, en leer je meteen je eerste echte roller derby skills!

Zin? Schrijf meteen in!

Inschrijven doe je  voor do 28/08. We raden aan om zo snel mogelijk in te schrijven als je ook gerief wil huren, want voor het gerief geldt: op = op.

Stuur een mailtje naar met volledige namen en emailadress van àlle deelnemers die je wil inschrijven. Per deelnemer duidelijk vermelden welk gerief je wil lenen + maat (schoenmaat voor skates en S,M,L voor pads en helm).

Deelnemen kost 5€, breng je – liefst gepast – mee, en om materiaal te huren tel je daar nog eens 3€ bij.

Onze Open Skate Day gaat door op 31 augustus 2014 in Sporthal Driebeek, Driebeekstraat 22, 9050 Gentbrugge, en start om 13u. Aanmelden kan vanaf 12u30, kom goed op tijd!





Travel Team: 21/06

Saturday 21 June GO-GO Gent once again treats you on a double header!  Not only did we invite our lovely Kevins for some hardcore men on men action, it’s also the last bout of the season of our Travel Team.  You don’t want to miss out!


Get yourselves ready and join us on 21/06 in Ertvelde! Come and cheer for De Kevins from 17h onwards when they take on Panam Squad‘s B-Team (Paris, FR)!   A though battle garantueed, as Panam Squad is bringing a couple of their A-level players to the track as well.

Then at 19h30 our Travel Team will face up against Royal Windsor Rollergirls from the Berkshire area, U.K.  We sure missed them on the second edition of SKOD, and are thus very pleased to get the opportunity to battle these fierce ladies in white and blue.  The main goal for Gent of course is to end to season in beauty with yet another win!

Come and show your support for the Kitties and Kevins loudly and get your TICKETS !  This double header is brought to you by our dedicated sponsors:  skrpnch, Nutcase and bakkerij Baccaert.

Cuberdonnas: 14/06

LilleCan’t wait till 21/06 to get your highly recommended dose of derby?   On Saturday 14/06 our lovely Cuberdonnas will play their last bout of the season in Lille, FR.  At 19h o’clock they take on Lille Roller Girls, eagerly to extend their winning streak. The Cuberdonnas won their last three bouts, which has made them unbeaten since February 2014.

Lille isn’t that far!  Tickets and all info on the Facebook Event.

What to say after last weekend’s 2014 a skate odyssey… That is was great? Amazing? Unbelievable? Exciting?  At this very moment, words cannot describe how we feel… Let’s give it a try though!


Looking back, it certainly was exciting to see how every single team gave it their all. SKOD’s final ranking shows some upheavels as compared with the preliminary ranking. Both Kallio Rolling Rainbow and GO-GO Gent ended up one spot higher than expected, respectively taking home bronze and silver medals. Paris Roller Girls (PRG)  however, started the tournament placed 8th and impressed us all by going straight to the final, winning the final against GO-GO Gent and taking the Jaw Breaker Award to Paris!

Road to the final

For GO-GO Gent, the tournament started Friday afternoon with a fourth (!) encounter against Copenhagen Roller Derby (CRD). Playing solid, hard and clever, Gent was in the lead from the beginning till the end.  Even though CRD kept on fighting and proved to be though opponents, Gent won their first game with a clear 271 over 140.

© Wouter Van Vaerenbergh

© Wouter Van Vaerenbergh

On Saturday Gent started out against Central City Rollergirls (CCR)  as they did against CRD and held on to what seemed a solid lead for two thirds of the game. Then Central City came back with a vengeance, steadily scraping up points which resulted in a head start of 12 points with 2 minutes left on the clock.

What seemed an impossible scenario was realised by a determined pack of four blockers and one relentless jammer on the side of Gent.  In the very last jam of the game, Olga Volt did what nobody thought was possible:  she scored 15 points, while Miss Myiagi, Sandra Buttblock, Guts ‘n Glory and Double U Jay succeeded in holding back the jammer of CCR.  Official score: 166-158 for Gent.

skod gogo ccr

© Wouter Van Vaerenbergh

Needless to say the roof went off the venue, and most players and fans went crazy and emotional after the sound of whistles ended this game.

Final:  Paris Rollergirls – GO-GO Gent

It sure was a scenario everybody hoped for against Paris, especially because Gent won the two previous encounters, both times in nailbiting games that were only decided in the last jams of play.

Both Paris and Gent showed their eagerness in the first half of the game and treated the audience on top notch derby with the lead going forth and back.  It was only during the second half that Paris started to dominate as their jammers got through the pack slighy faster than did the Gent jammers.Then Paris succeeded in forcing three successive power jams on Gent and the game tipped over in their advantage, resulting in a  40 points lead with only 15 minutes left to play.

Paris was not willing to give it away:  every single pack came on the track focused, and they kept on gathering points.  Gent did not give in and they clearly sought out to duplicate their CCR scenario of the day before.  In the last jam, Martacus got to prove herself one more time as one of GO-GO Gent’s first-rate jammers but to no avail:  Paris won with 183-139.

skod gogo zilver

© Wouter Van Vaerenbergh

Paris definitely brought the passion to Gent and impressed us a disciplined team with both a solid defensive and a tricky offensive game play.  Chapeau Les Bleues and a huge congratulations on your much deserved win of this tournament!

skod prg

© Wouter Van Vaerenbergh

See you next year?

As for the audience, our fans and cheering crowd:  we are so grateful for all the loud encouragements and for being able to share our emotions with you! Together with all the SKOD volunteers, referees and officials you were the heart and soul of 2014 a skate odyssey.  You gave it your all, gave all GO-GO players goosebumps and we want to thank you for that.  It’s something we treasure in our heart.

© Wouter Van Vaerenbergh

© Wouter Van Vaerenbergh

We hope to see you all next year!  In the meanwhile,  like our SKOD facebook page where you can relive the tournament by watching all footage and pictures.

We are GENT!
We are GENT!


Exciting times ahead:  in about a week GO-GO Gent will participate in 2014 a skate odeyssey, the 2nd edition of the much anticipated European WFTDA tournament!  Unless you’ve been hiding in a cave you knew that much already.  But did you already know the lovely sponsors of SKOD 2014?

sckrpncSKOD 2014 is proud to present you Sucker Punch Skate Shop as its  main sponsor. GO-GO Gent is lucky to have  them close by in town, as there are Europe’s finest and best stocked Roller Derby shop.  Not only do they  make your wildest dreams come true by providing a wide range of everything that is derby-related in their  (online) shop, they will be present at the SKOD venue with a large booth in which you can go wild and  crazy.

On top of that, they supply the tournament’s MVPs with a package that will make any derby  girl or boy’s heart pump harder. So come and check them out !

SKOD 2014 is also made possible by Les Filles et Les Chiens, a wonderful fashion concept store located in the city of Ghent with affordable, Scandinavian and French clothes.

We’re glad to announce our other local sponsor. Bakery Baccaert has been a loyal sponsor of GO-GO Gent and spoils us and our public with delicious cupcakes every single bout! No lovely cake this time, but sandwiches for all our volunteers, yum!

skod sponsors

Of course we need to thank the city of Ghent because without its support we would be nowhere, literally!  As a recognized sports club we can make use of some decent and affordable venues for our trainings and events such as SKOD.  Hurray for that!

No Belgian event without a beer sponsor!  SKOD had to have one too. Thank you Vedett for being at SKOD. We’re sure the European participants will fall for the stylish, yet plain old good Vedettjes!

Nutcase loves our GO-GO brains!  The new helmets arrived just in time for SKOD, so look out for our girls and their shiny checkered helmets.  Thank you Nutcase for making us feel safe and pretty on the track!

Last but not least, SKOD will offer some excitement next to the track as well as there will be a variety of vending booths at the venue. Looking for some new skates? Want some advice on wheels? Just feel like spending some cash? Our vendors will be more than happy to help you! This year, we have booths from:

Haven’t bought your tickets yet? Get them now!


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