The month of June, the period in which we organize our annual GO-GO Gent Awards *exciting* And for that, we would like to ask you a few questions, like who is your favourite GO-GO Gent skater? And who do you find has the best skater name? And among you loyal, terrific GO-GO Gent fans: who of the GO-GO’s can cheer along the best with the crowd? You can fill in your answers here below! Thank you very much, dear fans!

Because there aren’t enough subscribers, we unfortunately have to cancel our SUMMER JAMS – BOOTCAMP, that we were supposed to hold the 14th of June. No panic for the people who were really looking forward to skating that day: there will be a REC.ATTACK-training that day to which you can still participate if you would like to. The hours of that – also very amusing – training will be confirmed later in a Facebook event, so make sure to keep an eye on the GO-GO Facebook page or the one from Rec.Attack. But there will be NO BOOTCAMP on 14/06 =(


Credits: NSP 189.


We did it. For the first time in the history of our international roller derby tournament A Skate Odyssey, we took the trophy home. In a nail biting final, we won from the Newcastle Roller Girls with a difference of just two points. It has cost us, the other teams, the volunteers and the supporters blood, sweat and tears, but we turned 2015: SKOD into an edition we will never forget.


173-171. That was the final score of the final game at 2015: SKOD. After having nearly won from first the Dublin Roller Derby team and secondly from the Central City Roller Girls (for the second time, hurray!), we knew that the game against the Newcastle Roller Girls wasn’t going to be easy. And it definitely wasn’t: at first the English team didn’t even let us score one single point, so that we were forced to regroup and rethink our strategy. But by the end of the first period we started to make a comeback. After that, the game still stayed exciting, with one lead change happening after another and the second last jam resulting in a score of 169-171… For Newcastle. But we were granted a power jam during the last jam and scored four ghost points, that eventually made us win this amazing tournament. And there are a few more words we would like to dedicate to our victory.


Credits: Ian Roofthooft.

A huge thank you to all of you

First of all: teams, thank you so much for coming over! Newcastle Roller Girls, Central City Rollergirls, Dirty River Roller Grrrls – Turku Roller Derby, Middlesbrough Milk Rollers, Dublin Roller Derby, Paris Rollergirls, Hellfire Harlots – Nottingham, Nantes Derby Girls and Copenhagen Roller Derby: you have been amazing, splendid, fair play and have shown what true derby sportwomanship and equality (yes for equality!!) is all about. We hope you’ve enjoyed it and we really hope to see you again at the next edition.

Secondly, a big thanks to that other team on the track: the officials! You have given it your all, provided us with a safe haven to give the audience and the teams what they came for: great, safe and sound roller derby. Special thanks to Cherry Fury, Tournament Head Ref and Ragna Rock, Tournament Head NSO. Cherry, we assume you will have some itchy memories about this tournament, yet we do hope to see you again!

Announcers, you did it again, like every year, you gave the crowd fun, amusement, derby insights and a lot of crazy, crazy moments and joined heart attacks ūüėČ Special thanks to Bob Noxious who gave us plenty of advice.

Credits: Ian Roofthooft.


And then… Some people should definitely not to be forgotten, the secret angels in the corridors, the ninjas around the track, the ones that do it all behind the scenes: our volunteers! Guys and girls, we cannot express our gratitude enough, we know you have worked long hours, long days, sometimes even in chilly and humid circumstances… So really, a BIG, BIG thanks. You are the heart of this tournament.

On top of that, we would like to thank the social monkeys: the ones who provided SKOD-feed on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and of course the livestream. Bionic Steam, Elien, Sandra Buttblock, Doppler and all the others. A big thanks also to everyone who donated for the livestream, especially Mazuzu, happy that we can broadcast some great derby worldwide thanks to your support.

Also, photographers Ian, Vinciane, some who jumped in on the very last minute and everyone who has been posting pictures these last days. You give us the opportunity to cherish every single moment over and over again.

Credits: Ian Roofthooft.

First Aid guys and girls as well, we are happy that you were there, and even more happy that we did not see that much of you ūüėČ

Special thanks to our sponsors: Sckrpnch, Roller Derby City, Turn Left Roller Derby Shop, Quad Roller Skate Shop, Roll Line Roller Derby, Riedell Roller, The Power of Greyskull,, Skatehut, GreenMonster and Provamel. Especially the city of Gent and Gent Sport, thanks for trusting a crazy bunch of people in your venues.

Finally, I want to thank a few crazy persons in particular: Lieven and RikGrafiek, for providing us with the magnificent artwork. And then, keep your ears open: Fever, Dire Wolff, Miss Miyagi, Jerominous, JoyRide, Vermassacre and Tic Tac Toecrusher, the brains behind SKOD. They pulled it off, yet again.

Yet the biggest, biggest thanks goes out to YOU, every single one of YOU, for being a roller derby fan, for being there, for watching from afar, for supporting this crazy sport and community. YOU rock, and we roll, for YOU!!
See YOU again at 2016: a skate odyssey!!!

Credits: Ian Roofthooft.



GO-GO Gent is proud to host the third edition of the European WTFDA tournamen 2015: a skate odyssey!  In 2014, Paris Roller Girls crowned themselves the winners.  In 2013, the Berlin Bombshells took home the coveted Jawbreaker award.  Who will be the next one on the list for the 2015 edition?

Ten of the best European teams will be battling for much desired Jawbreaker Award and eternal fame. Be there to support your favorite team and watch some of the best roller derby in Europe.  The following teams will give it their all during 3 days:

  • Central City Roller Girls (CCR)
  • Middlesbrough Milk Rollers (MMR)
  • Nottingham Hellfire Harlots (NHH)
  • Paris Rollergirls (PRG)
  • Newcastle Roller Girls (NRG)
  • Copenhagen Roller Derby (CRD)
  • Dublin Roller Derby (DRD)
  • Nantes Derby Girls (NDG)
  • Dirty River Rolller Grrrls – Turku Roller Derby (DRRG)
  • GO-GO Gent, of course!


More info to be released SOON.   Follow 2015: SKOD on Facebook for the latest updates!  Be sure of your TICKETS and buy them now!

  • Saturday Ticket: 15 euro
  • Sunday ticket: 17 euro
  • 3-day Weekend Ticket: 35 euro
  • Early bird 3-day weekend ticket: 30 euro!!
  • Children -12 get in for free.


Pay offline and have no reservation cost!

Bank : BNP Paribas Fortis
IBAN: BE17 0016 9228 3521

Name: Gent GO-GO Roller Girls VZW
Address: Ferdinand Lousbergskaai 101C bus 103, 9000 Gent

Don’t miss out for a full three days of top notch European roller derby. ¬†See you next to the track !!


Don’t miss out! ¬†On Saturday 28 March, GO-GO Gent will be hosting Riddle Riddle Cuberdonna tournament!

Prepare yourself for some fierce battles with GO-GO Gent’s Cuberdonnas, ¬†Eastside RocknRollers¬†(Enschede, NL),¬†Holy Wheels Menace from Li√®ge¬†and¬†Namur Roller Girls – Roller Derby League. ¬†Lots of excitement guaranteed, as¬†the Cuberdonnas are getting rematches for their lost battles at Skates of Glory III in October 2014.

Come and show your support for your favorite Kitties and get your TICKET now!  Tickets are only 7 euro (presale) or 10 euro (door).

Place to be:  Sporthal Hoge Wal, Guldensporenstraat 34, Ertvelde.  Doors open at 14u30.   The afterparty will be held at De Kleine Kunst, Ferdinant Lousbergkaai 99, Gent.

This tournament is brought to you by our dedicated sponsors:   Nutcase and bakkerij Baccaert.

For all updates, follow our Facebook event.

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